Beyond The Coat Cupboard is the first book in R.J.Sayer's Omnitube Adventure Series!

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Awarded The Reader's Favourite 5 Star Seal

Awarded The Reader's Favourite 5 Star Seal

I fell in love with Beyond The Coat Cupboard from the first page!
— Kat Harvey, Athena
Great fun and highly recommended for kids of any age!
— Barrie Stones, Amazon Review
Incredible aliens, giant insects and plenty of humour and dung make this a book which is hard to put down!
— Oceanbubble, Amazon Review

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Hitch: The Skellington Mystery is the second book in the Omnitube Adventure Series. Follow Hitch and his rusty companion Kron the cam-drone as they attempt to solve the Skellington mystery. The Hitch Hildeos Detective Agency (they can bug any bug) maybe the cheapest detective agency on Scarabos but it doesn't make them the worst! Hitch and Kron scour the criminal underbelly of Scarabos, the largest, muddiest and most unlikeable planet of the Quinctusol System.  Can they find the truth and help a seemingly innocent Scarab from death by flypaper or even an ultraviolet chair execution for the murder of Manty Skellington?

R. J. Sayer: The Stories So Far

Dot is a particularly ratty twelve year old. Not just because her best friend is a rat but because she's not keen on humans. Luckily the adventure beyond the coat cupboard doesn't involve too many of those.

From Scarabs to Konsillians and Phluphi Kitys to Frolepurs. Dot manages to befriend quite a few aliens (not to mention making enemies of the odd one too). 

Unfortunately the Scarab race seem to think they own the planet! Planet earth that is! Dot and her pet rat Dawkins need to travel through the five-sunned quinctusol system to save planet Earth from being turned back into the beetle nursery that it started out as millions of years ago. 

Warning: Contains giant beetles, death-defying games of Pteraball, journeys through the omnitube, terrifying flatulence and scenes of danger where humanoids escape by the skin of their pants,

You can get your copy of Beyond The Coat Cupboard now from Amazon!

R. J. Sayer

Ron James Sayer is a new author from the wilderness of East Anglia in the UK. having spent the past several decades as a musician with many albums recorded and gigs performed, Ron has decided to return to his oldest passion. Writing weird books about science fiction, the paranormal and other strange and spooky happenings.


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Ron Goes To Moscow!

It was high time for my yearly excursion to Moscow to play a few gigs and say hello to my good friends Boris (The Blade) Litvintsev, Dennis (Identical Wardrobe) Nazarov and Ilya (Thank you so very much indeed) Lipatov (not to mention a veritable plethora of other lovely people, Funky Roman, Photo Roman & Metal Pick Danii to name but a few!) 

I took the opportunity of 'dead' time (time when I was doing nothing, I wasn't technically dead) to get some time in on tightening up the text of Beyond The Coat Cupboard, so the second edition is now on Amazon! Then moving on to Hitch & The Skellington Mystery. Though the first few chapters are pretty much set I'm still mulling over events to occur. Got a couple of chapters done though. Things are hotting up for the big bug Hitch as he faces Shellcracker Sluggins in the buzz-cage! What some people will do for information...

Anyway, I thought I'd show you this pic from Moscow. I thought it succinctly represented the story of my life.